Extreme Weather

Extreme weather can lead to heightened healthcare risks, damage to infrastructure and personal property. Extreme weather includes extreme heat, cold, precipitation and wind events. The following links are helpful in gathering current information and resources available during an extreme weather event.

The following link provides weather alerts by location and provides forecasts with possible weather related events. Locations can be searched by city or zip code to get detailed forecasts. Other weather related events such as air quality can be viewed at https://www.weather.gov/.

Heat specific events can be monitored with the following link. A legend with descriptions is provided on this link to the National Weather Service - HeatRisk Pages.

Places where citizens can escape excessive heat during the day are referred to as Cooling Zones. These are areas that are commonly open to the general public, and have places to sit down where there is air conditioning. Cooling zones do not typically have services for water. Several cooling zones have been identified throughout the county. Many of these areas are generally open during the hottest part of the day. Some areas may only operate if certain conditions are met. This link will provide an address to cooling zones and the most recent list of their operational hours. These hours are subject to change based upon business needs, so we recommend phoning ahead.

When heat become excessive, for several days, Cooling Centers may be opened. These are centers where people can escape the heat, and have access to drinking water and perhaps other services. When these are open, the main home page of this web site will provide a list of these services.

For extreme heat, visit the following for helpful hints on how you can better handle heat at home or work.


Cold events presents different challenges. This link provides helpful tips to prepare and react to dangers of a winter storm.

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